An Electric Vehicle for Everyone

There’s an EV for every lifestyle and budget.

EVs for Equity

The climate crisis and poor air quality are affecting everyone, but not equally. Due to systemic inequities, economic and environmental justice communities are disproportionately impacted and experience the effects of climate change first and worst. Air pollution greatly impacts these communities which are often near freeways, major roads, and oil refineries.

Our program helps communities who deserve it most drive electric for their health, their pocketbooks, and the planet. We educate children and families about climate solutions and consumers about the many incentives available that help make electric vehicles available to all.

Air Pollution

Convenience, Incentives, and More

Save Time

With the HOV decal, you’ll save time driving in the carpool lane as a single passenger. Since there are fewer moving parts in an EV, you’ll save time and money on reduced maintenance. Whether you charge at home, at work, or at a public charging station, you’ll be happy to skip the gas station.

Save Money

EVs help improve air quality, so governments offer cash rebates and incentives up to $9,500 for a used EV and up to $19,000 for a new EV. Use this savings calculator to find your personalized incentives.

Save Your Health and the Planet

Poor local air quality can worsen the impacts of many diseases, including asthma and COVID-19. The recent health crisis has shown Californians how clean the air can be with fewer gas cars on the road. When you switch from driving a gas car to an EV and power up with clean electricity, you can cut your individual carbon footprint in half. And with no tailpipe pollution, you’ll help everyone breathe easier.

Think you can’t afford an EV? Think again!

Join us for a webinar to learn how you can make the switch to driving electric.

With over 50 electric vehicles to choose from, there’s an EV for every lifestyle and budget and a myriad of financial incentives available to qualified drivers.

EV Financial Incentives Clinics

Learn about the many financial assistance programs that can make vehicle ownership a reality for you and your family. And not just any vehicle – a non-polluting, low-maintenance, fast, quiet, fun electric vehicle. We’ll help you discover the specific rebates and grants available so you can find an EV that fits your style, budget, and needs. Because EVs are for everyone, including you! Note: Spanish translation is provided.

For these and other EV events, check out our Events page.

Man driving an EV
Adopt a Polar Bear

Photo courtesy of Bike East Bay

Schools and Families Take Climate Action

Learn about climate change and solutions for clean air and a cool planet with Cool the Earth’s videos for children and parents. Together, as a family, pledge to take important climate actions with Koda the polar bear.

About Drive Clean Bay Area

Drive Clean Bay Area is a collaboration of nonprofit organizations, agencies, cities, schools, and businesses with a goal of greatly reducing carbon emissions by advancing the adoption of electric vehicles.

Our partners help spread the word about events, programs, and opportunities throughout the Bay Area. Our program provides a network of opportunities for families and individuals to learn about the benefits of driving electric, receive personalized support for navigating incentives and specifically for income-qualified residents, and hear from other EV drivers how they approached their decision to drive electric.

Acterra – helps consumers identify and access incentives through webinars and one-on-one consultations.

Charge Across Town – provides access to virtual or in-person ride and drive events to hear from EV owners about their journey to driving electric.

Cool the Earth – offers education and engagement for climate solutions in schools, workplaces, and for the community.

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