Welcome to the new year and the new Drive Clean Bay Area

You get it. Driving electric is better.

No trips to the gas station. No tailpipe emissions.

You appreciate value. EVs are economical.

Electricity costs ~ $1/gallon. Maintenance is almost $0.

You lead the way.

EVs are the future.

Your neighbors see it. Your community knows it.

2020 is a year for change.
You did the small things.
Now do the big – Drive Electric.

About Drive Clean Bay Area

Drive Clean Bay Area (DCBA) is a collaboration of nonprofit organizations, agencies, schools, and businesses with a goal to greatly reduce carbon emissions from transportation. We inspire people to replace internal combustion vehicles with electric vehicles, e-bikes, and other forms of no-carbon transportation. Drive Clean Bay Area launched in September 2019.

Drive Clean Bay Area’s mission is to inspire Bay Area residents and employees to drive electric. By making the choice to go electric, residents are taking measurable actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

DCBA increases EV adoption throughout the Bay Area.

  • Preferred pricing programs.
  • Community events.
  • Workplace partnerships.
  • School programs.
  • EV test ride events.

DCBA works with lawmakers, businesses, and nonprofits.

  • Enhance the experience of driving electric.
  • Encourage the build-out of charging stations.
  • Make EVs affordable for every household.

DCBA spreads the joy.

  • Everyone loves driving electric.
  • Communities thrive with electric.

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Every time an electric car is sold, someone has reduced their carbon footprint by 40%! If you’re driving electric or thinking about driving electric, join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Tips, tricks, and community are just a click away.

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