hello clean You can say goodbye to the gas station and hello to clean air. EVENTS Woman driving EV California go far Today’s EVs go far and charge fast. Go ahead and enjoy the ride. PREFERRED PRICING EV with boy and his dog promise It’s time to pledge to make your next car electric. Pledge for your kids…and your best friend. PLEDGE Elder couple with EV savings
PREFERRED PRICING Get ready to save money with our limited-time preferred pricing campaign.

plug in. feel good.

Our nonprofit collaboration  is committed to clean air, a cool planet and a healthy future for all. Our goal is to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Switching from a gas car to an electric vehicle means no emissions and no air pollution. It means you can save time and money while enjoying unparalleled driving performance.

Our calendar is full of free online programs and events that make it easy to drive clean. We even have a preferred pricing program for savings on a new EV. Join us!

“I love driving electric!”

our blue skies.
your clean air.

Tailpipe emissions cause problems. When you electrify your ride, you become part of the solution.

You contribute to blue skies, clean air, and good health for everyone, especially people in communities of concern who live near freeways and refineries.

Join us for free community events to learn about driving electric, charging and incentives.

drive clean. a collaboration.

EV Charger

plug in. feel good.

Say goodbye to fossil fuels. Never go to a gas station again. Enjoy the ease of charging at home or on the road.
Electric Vehicles

evs for everyone.

Today’s EVs go far—road trip ready. Today’s EVs charge fast—up to 75 miles in 5 minutes. Today’s EVs have incentives, big incentives.
Our Planet, Earth

save the planet.

There is time and we have a plan. Driving is 30% of our carbon footprint and a major cause of air pollution. Driving on clean energy, this we can do.
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our guide.

We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. Our electric vehicle buying and driving guide was developed with you in mind and will provide answers to your questions as you switch to driving electric.

The buying section helps you discover the best EV for your needs and shares valuable information on rebates and incentives. In the driving guide, you’ll learn how to charge at home and on a trip and how to easily sign up for renewable energy. Your guide was written by our team of EV experts, providing a trusted resource for accurate and reliable information.

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