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You save the planet, we’ll save you time and money.

climate actions. small and big.

We all do small things for the environment. Now we have the opportunity to take one action that has a big impact.

Reduce 40% of your carbon footprint by switching to driving electric.

EVs mean no more trips to the gas station. They mean saving about 75% on gasoline costs and virtually no scheduled maintenance.

And, you’ll enjoy zipping through traffic with a carpool lane sticker.

Clean. Quiet. Responsive. Welcome to the EV revolution.

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our partner for preferred pricing: Cartelligent

We are pleased to partner with Cartelligent, a Bay Area concierge car broker known for customer service. With Cartelligent you bypass the hassle of the traditional car-buying process and enjoy:
  • Preferred pricing on select EVs and PHEVs, exclusive to Drive Clean Bay Area
  • Dedicated agent who serves as your advocate, and provides unbiased advice on the best EV for you, walking you through the entire process
  • Locate the car with the features and options you want
  • Expert negotiation of lease and finance terms as well as guidance on the decision to buy or lease
  • Directions on government and utility incentives, including HOV sticker (customer applies for incentives after taking delivery)
  • No-contact signing and new car orientation when picking up new vehicle at Cartelligent location (Sausalito, Walnut Creek or Menlo Park)
  • Complimentary trade-in or lease return service
EVs charging

how it works

Welcome to our second annual preferred pricing EV discount program. Our nonprofit collaboration works to help you switch to driving electric.

Our popular preferred price program is back and for a limited time and we hope you’ll take advantage of the savings.

steps to your new EV

  1. Review vehicles and discounts.
  2. Watch two short informative videos that will answer questions about range, charging, incentives and how the campaign works. Please watch before signing up.
  3. If you are interested in buying or leasing a vehicle November 11– December 5th, sign up below and select the appropriate box. Cartelligent will contact you in one business day.
  4. If you are not ready to buy now but are interested in future pricing campaigns, sign up and we’ll keep you updated.
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get started today.