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climate actions.
small and big.

We all do small things for the environment. And, every so often we have the opportunity to take an action that has a big impact.

Now is the time! When we replace our gas-powered cars with clean electric vehicles, we reduce 40% of our carbon footprint and never need to use gasoline again!

Drive Clean Bay Area is a nonprofit campaign with a mission to reduce carbon emissions, and we’re here to help you drive electric today.

Environmental Leader


We are pleased to partner with Cartelligent to accelerate EV adoption in the Bay Area. With Cartelligent you bypass the hassle of the traditional car buying process and enjoy:

  • Dedicated agent who serves as your advocate, and provides unbiased advice, walking you through the entire process
  • Preferred pricing on select EVs 
  • Sourcing of the model and trim you want
  • Lease and finance negotiation
  • Expert guidance on gov’t and utility incentives (customer applies for incentives after taking delivery)
  • New car orientation when picking up vehicle at Cartelligent location
EVs charging

electric vehicles
are ready for you.

Driving electric means no more trips to the gas station. You’ll save about 75% on your gasoline bill and appreciate virtually no car maintenance.

You’ll zip through traffic with a carpool sticker and enjoy a superior driving experience.

Clean. Quiet. Fast. The feeling of joining the clean revolution? Priceless.

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