EV 101: Electrify Your Ride

2/3, 2/17, 3/16, 3/24, 3/29
We’ll review available electric vehicles, charging at home and on the road, incentives, total cost of ownership, and hear from EV owners what they love most about driving electric.

EV 102: New EV Owner Workshop

2/9, 3/8
Congratulations on your new electric vehicle! We hope you’re enjoying your new ride. We realize that making the switch to electric offers some new opportunities and you may have some questions.

Electrify Your Ride with West Marin Climate Action

2/23/2021, 7pm
Are you ready to switch to a cleaner ride? When you switch to driving an electric vehicle (EV) and plug into clean energy with MCE Deep Green, you can cut your carbon footprint by more than half.

EV Financial Incentives Clinic

Think you can’t afford an EV? Think again! Learn about the many financial assistance programs available to income-qualifying consumers, including the Clean Cars for All grant, Clean Vehicle Assistance grant, and county-specific programs.

Taller de Incentivos Financieros Para EVs

¿Crees que no te alcanza para comprar un vehículo eléctrico? ¡Piensalo otra vez! Las nuevas Clínicas de incentivos financieros para EVs profundizan en los muchos programas de asistencia financiera disponibles para los consumidores que califiquen por sus ingresos.